WordPress is the Newest Small Business Website Platform and Why You Should Care

WordPress as a small business website platform? If that seems odd to you, you're already behind the curve. The new platform is blogs, and the big blog on the block is WordPress. Like so many platforms, this one snuck up on the computing world and it means you have a rare chance to leapfrog the competition. Platform changes occur only once every several years, as it should be. Platforms are supposed to be stable. So why should anyone considering the creation of a small business website start with WordPress? Consider what a platform should be.
WordPress is general purpose

Sick and tired of paying good money for awful results in getting your small business website up? The answer is WordPress. It's now a way to get any site on the web, not just blogs.
WordPress has been a general purpose content management system for a couple of years now, but with version 2.7 it truly came into its own. A CMS lets you develop web content using a browser and no other specialized tools, and WordPress has that ability in spades. You don't have to create a blog at all, though they're great for search engine results.
WordPress is easily extensible
A platform can't be all things to all people, but it needs to be extensible in a way that application developers can add features without having access to the platform's source code. This is important for reasons of stability because it means the platform's base code doesn't need to be retested every time  a new feature is added. WordPress achieves this through plugins. Of course, WordPress is open source so you can also get at the code if you need. But you shouldn't. Search Engine and flexible plugin architecture launched it directly into the blogging lead and no competitor has touched it.
WordPress has lots of third party documentation
Another critical requirement of any platform is lots of third party documentation. Again, WordPress has spawned a sizable cottage industry in docs and the hits just keep on coming. wordpress developer is gigantic (though that's one of its problems).
If you don't consider WordPress for your new small business website, you're wasting time and money. It makes internet marketing online far easier than ever.

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