How To Make Money Online - Step 2, The Website Or Blog

Welcome to Step 2, the second article in a seven part series that explains how you can make money online by creating an online business.
Step 2 can really be considered the foundation of your online business - it is your website or blog. An analogy to this in the offline world would probably be your office. It is the home of your intellectual property and the point from which your customers derive their value.
OK, for those of you who aren't technical, and believe me I wasn't either when I began this journey, fear not. Technological advances have practically made it easy for people like us to accomplish technical tasks with very little technical know-how. So should you go for a blog or a website? You could go for either. wordpress designer are more flexible, but the trade-off is you will need to be more technical. The best piece of software I have found to date to automate the process of building a website is called the 90 second website builder. But if you were to ask for my recommendation, I would say go with a blog. It is easy to set up and will cost you nothing except for your domain name and hosting. The actual blogging platform is free because it is an Open Source tool. However, if you don't want to do your own hosting, WordPress can do that for you at . Bear in mind though, you will be at WordPress's mercy regarding their terms of use and other policies. My recommendation would be to get your own hosting. If you end up with a successful blog, you wouldn't want WordPress to shut you down for some policy infringement, especially if your blog is making money.

What is a domain name? A domain name can simply be considered your business address and/or your company name. Example, is the address where you can locate Google on the internet, and it also happens to be the name of the company. Where can you get your domain name from? Well Search Engine have found to be very reasonably priced and extremely reliable. What is hosting? Hosting can be considered the real estate office where you rent your office space from. You will need to pay them rent for providing you with your office infrastructure. So in order to finalize your online business address (domain name) you need to rent out some online office space from your online real estate office (hosting company). Again, the most reliable and reasonably priced hosting company I have found is . There are plenty of videos on that will show you how to purchase domain names, point your URL to the hosting company, and upload your website to your hosting company. Tutorials may also be available at your choice of hosting company.

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